Events 2013 - 2017
Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace St. Petersburg
Client events (2013-2017) include: "Perfume dinner" with world famous perfumer Roja Dove (from redefining luxury and creating some of the world's most exclusive perfumes, Roja Dove stands as an internationally respected master perfumer), exhibition of Illy art-collection and "Coffee dinner" with Illy family member nutritionist Daria Illy, themed events for Ferrari club and Veuve Clicquot, Carnevale di Venezia celebrations and annual Truffle dinners in Percorso, as well as bespoke events for Luceo SPA clients including "Beauty weekend" with celebrities.

Series of VIP client events in cooperation with producer Artem Krivda, including Italian fine dining restaurant Percorso Grand Opening, Xander Bar opening event, Asian restaurant SINTOHO opening, Four Seasons Hotel 1 year anniversary celebrations – themed event "Walk in the park", as well as other festive events for the key clients, celebrities, digital influencers and media.