Events 2018
Grand Hotel Kempinski Riga and Blue Orange Bank
Grand Hotel Kempinski Riga and Blue Orange Bank client event with a leading international guest speaker Gil Petersil : "Creating empowering relationships" in September, 2018.

Continuing series of EDUTAINMENT events with Grand Hotel Kempinski Riga.

Gil Petersil is an international speaker, networking mastery and resourcefulness coach who spoke at hundreds of global events together with top world-class speakers. After living, studying and working in Israel, Canada, USA, England, Russia and Singapore, Gil used his broad knowledge in human psychology, creative marketing mindset and 20+ years of diverse business experience around the world to help both people and businesses grow with a clear understanding of their mission, values, goals, big dreams, milestones, the power of the environment, resources they need to grow and have effective motivation & execution strategies. Friends call him an adventurous coach, global thinker, serial entrepreneur and a passionate accelerator of people and businesses.

After co-founding, managing and mentoring diverse projects in 6+ countries, he currently resides in Singapore, while studying the Asian business environment and building up a strong & mutually nourishing global networking community for maximum impact on people's lives.

Founder & Networking Mastery Coach at MeetSpeakers, Co-Founder & Strategic Partnerships Ambassador at MeetPartners – leaders in International Edutainment & Networking events as well as representing of world renowned speakers.